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Uttar Pradesh / Kannauj : Farmers started returning to old methods of farming due to inflation, bullocks started getting attention

Due to inflation, farmers have started returning to the old practice of farming. Due to this the bulls have started getting attention. The feeling of cooperation with each other has also increased.

Due to the increase in the price of diesel, plowing and transportation by tractor has become expensive. The cost of cultivation has also increased. Due to this small and medium farmers have started giving importance to farming with bullocks. It is getting cheaper. The cost is also controlled. Farmer Ratiram, a resident of Bamrauli, told that he has three bighas of land. This is how the family survives. When the price of diesel increased, they started farming with oxen. They plow with oxen only. It is said that they sow the crop for the amount they used to plow with a tractor. The green fodder prepared in the field is fed to the bulls. They have started using cow dung as manure. Same is the case with other farmers of the area.

This is how the price of diesel and tillage increased
In 2017, the rate of diesel in the district was around Rs 54.65 per liter. It has increased by Rs 43 per litre. At the same time, the price of the crop could not increase even one and a half times. Five years ago, for plowing the field with harrow, about Rs 90 per bigha had to be paid. The rate from the cultivator was about Rs 50 per bigha. Now farmers have to pay double Rs. 160 to 180 rupees have to be paid for plowing with harrow and 80 to 90 rupees for cultivator.