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Uttar Pradesh : ‘Criminals are not visible through binoculars’, Priyanka said – try wearing glasses, there were teni nearby

In the election season of Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly, the leaders have started shooting arrows at each other. The latest attack has come from Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi. While addressing the Pratigya rally in Gorakhpur on Sunday, Priyanka made a direct attack on Amit Shah. Priyanka said that there is no need of binoculars to trace criminals in UP, Ajay Singh Teni, Minister of State for Home, standing on the stage could be seen only through glasses.

In fact, Amit Shah, who came to Lucknow to inaugurate the BJP’s mega membership campaign on October 29, had praised the Yogi government and said that criminals and mafia are no longer visible in Uttar Pradesh even if seen through binoculars. Priyanka said Teni’s presence on Shah’s dais became an issue while referring to the farmers being crushed in the Lakhimpur Kheri violence and called the Yogi government a failure on every front. He also attacked SP and BSP fiercely. Responding to SP National President Akhilesh Yadav’s statement that ‘BJP and Congress are same…’, she said that I will die but will not mix with BJP.

Taking a dig at SP-BSP from the stage of Pratigya rally held at Champa Devi Park in Gorakhpur, Priyanka said that the sugar mills of Uttar Pradesh were shut down by the SP, BSP governments. Congress is standing with you in crisis. Questioning the PM’s visit to Italy, Priyanka said that he goes to Italy by a ship worth eight thousand crores, here the harsh reality is visible on the ground.

Speech started with Bhojpuri
Priyanka started her speech with Bhojpuri. Asked about the well-being of the people in Bhojpuri – ‘What’s the matter. You are not all right.’ He said that leaders come before you in elections. The leader in power is showing dreams. The opposition points out the shortcomings. Priyanka said that she has traveled a lot in Uttar Pradesh in the last two years. The truth is to be known about the country. This is a land of faiths. People have faith in religion, earth as well as leaders. If development is shown in advertisement, then we understand that development must have come somewhere. If we see the PM going to Italy by a ship worth eight thousand crores, then it seems that he is enhancing the beauty of the country. People are living the truth. The harsh reality of the sky is visible here.

Trying to woo Nishad voters
Priyanka tried hard to woo the dominant Nishad votes in several seats in Purvanchal. She said that she had gone to the village of Nishad in Prayagraj. There the boat was burnt to ashes. The boat is the mother and sustenance of the Nishads. The Nishads have the right over the river. This government has taken away their rights. They have been beaten and tortured. At the end of her speech, Priyanka said that I stand on the strength of Indira Gandhi. He said that if Congress comes to power, then fish farming will be given the status of agriculture. Fishermen will get facilities like farmers. Along with fisheries, fishermen will also have rights on sand mining and river. If Congress comes to power, Guru Matyendranath University will be established.

Attack on CM Yogi
Priyanka alleged that the Yogi government in Uttar Pradesh is running against Guru Gorakhnath. Reading Gorakhvani, he said that the government is attacking the people. He said that farmers were crushed to death by their vehicles in Lakhimpur but they were not heard. There the reality of the advertisements appeared. The farmer is suffering and facing problems. The government is not ready to help. The poor, Brahmins are all being exploited. 30 families were killed by keeping them in the police station in Agra. One was murdered by the police. No help came for one month old baby. In crisis, the government turns its face to the other side.

The question of fertilizer, farming and crop raised
The Congress general secretary alleged that farmers in UP did not get the price of paddy. Fertilizer, agriculture and crops were handed over to the capitalists. Two people committed suicide in Lalitpur for fertilizer. A farmer died of hunger and thirst in the line. They were in debt. There was no cylinder and government help either. Such scenes are being seen everywhere. The Yogi government did not increase the price of sugarcane in four and a half years. Cylinder, 110K petrol is available for 1000 rupees today. Priyanka asked people how do you survive in such inflation? Bulldozers have been installed in Gorakhpur. Ever since the BJP government came in the country, the income of the families is the valley. Farmers earn Rs 27 per day and the capitalist friend of the government earns trillions. Loans of the rich are being waived, not those of the poor. Roads, airplanes, everything is being sold by the government. 70 years of hard work has been lost in seven years. There are five crore unemployed in Uttar Pradesh. Every day three youths are committing suicide. There are 10 lakh vacant posts. Priyanka Gandhi said that there was corruption in the jobs of Gorakhpur University. In Siddharthnagar, the minister’s brother grabbed the job by becoming poor. The actual poor did not get the post earmarked for the poor.

Trying to seduce women
Priyanka tried her best to woo women in Gorakhpur’s pledge rally as well. Referring to the party’s announcement of giving 40 percent tickets to women, he said that this would increase their interference in politics. Priyanka said that Kanpur businessman was murdered in Gorakhpur. When such crises come in front of the public, the government does not listen. People’s faith is shaken. He said that women in Uttar Pradesh have to struggle a lot. There has been atrocities on them. A crime was committed against the girl in Unnao. After the murder of the gang rape victim in Hathras, the family members were not even allowed to see her dead body. In Gorakhpur, when the girl made a video of her father beating, she was shot. The family of a university student is wandering from door to door. I will give my power to such women. He said that women have compassion. They have sensibility and power. If she comes into politics, there will definitely be a change.