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Birland – No Man’s Land Awaits Recognition By World

By: Dr. Binish Thomas-India
Birland Secretary of State for International Diplomacy and Relations

About 3,000 people live and die unrecognized in a desert land bordering Sudan and Egypt. There is no proof of their birth, death, marriage, educational qualification or skills. The 2,060 square kilometers of land belong to no one in particular. No kingdoms or governments have come forward to support them. The region in question is Birland or Bir Tawil, a landlocked area caught in a quandary between Sudan and Egypt since the early 19th century. The only status it has is – Terra Nullius (no man’s land).

An entire population’s efforts began to pay off in 2014 – 2015 when H.R.M. King Emir A. Haiyawi established Birand as a state. Soon, Prof. Dr. Queen Eden Soriano Trinidad was appointed Prime Minister. A few representatives from different countries were appointed to amplify the humanitarian concerns and seek support from the United Nations (UN) for Birland’s administrative stature. The current administration has been in talks with global administrations to support the people in attaining their rights.

The biggest challenge for the current administration is to build an entire nation from scratch. There are no infrastructure facilities – water, healthcare, sanitation etc. – in the region. The youth in the area gaze at an uncertain future, considering the region’s lack of educational establishments and employment opportunities. They desire a quality life, unlike the ones their ancestors lived. The access to the world is via Sudan, which demands better transportation facilities, including an airport. King Emir A. Haiyawi and his team have already completed the documentation work and even received a Certificate of Membership to UNIGO (United Nations Intergovernmental Organization).

There is a long way to go, and the people of Birland hope to be recognized by the world.