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After ten days, all the cheetahs are more alert than before, three types of meat are being served

Today it has been ten days for Cheetahs in Kuno National Park of Madhya Pradesh. All the cheetahs are acclimatizing themselves in the Kuno National Park and are more relaxed and alert than ever before. A forest officer taking care of the cheetahs told that all the cheetahs are at ease in the life of the enclosure other than their forest life.

A forest official associated with the maintenance of cheetahs in the Kuno National Park said that all the cheetahs are being given food at an interval of three days, all the cheetahs are also taking their normal diet. At present, cheetahs are being given meat of three types of animals. In which buffalo children i.e. pada meat, goat meat and rabbit meat are also included. Cheetahs drink a lot of water, so a complete arrangement of drinking water has been made in the enclosure of all the cheetahs.

A cheetah expert told ABP News that cheetahs have higher alertness than ever before, they raise their ears at the sight of the animals in the enclosure, although this only happens when the animals of the new enclosure come close to the net of the cheetah . All cheetahs are healthy in terms of health and apart from eating they are showing investigative tendencies towards their surrounding environment as well as all cheetahs are taking their sleep normally.

Field staff training

In the Kuno National Park, all these cheetahs are being monitored by the doctors and biologists of the Cheetah Foundation from Namibia. Along with this, Kuno National Park is also training the field staff of the park about cheetahs. Of the doctors and biologists with cheetahs from Namibia, three experts are still in the Kuno National Park. They will go back to Namibia after training the field staff of the Kuno National Park.

All the cheetahs are being monitored through high mask cameras and trained cheetah experts of the forest department. The complete data of the life of cheetahs is being prepared in writing. Cheetahs have also been fitted with a radio collar, but this will be used to track the location only after they are released into the open wild.

Will soon be left in the open forest

SP Yadav, head of the Cheetah Project, told that all the cheetahs will complete their quarantine on the 17th of October, after which they will be shifted one by one or two from this enclosure to the cage and then through the cage. Will be released in open forest.

Yadav told that this open forest is also a 7 square kilometer fencing enclosure, which has been specially tied with a light current wire so that neither the cheetah can go out of this enclosure nor any other big animal can enter the cheetah enclosure. able to do Currently, the five-year-old Cheetah Project has been started as an experiment.

This is the first time that a Vidalvanshi has been brought to settle from one continent to another, so the eyes of the whole world are on this project. Let us tell you that on the initiative of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, these cheetahs have been brought to India from the forests of Namibia and were released in the Kuno National Park on the Prime Minister’s birthday on 17 September.