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Karnataka / Bengaluru : Car repaired for 11 lakhs, service center paid the bill for 22 lakhs, vehicle owner in shock

A car owner lost his senses when the service center handed him a bill of 22 lakhs for the repair of the car. The funny thing is that the cost of the car for which he was given this bill was only 11 lakhs. Car owner Anirudh Ganesh has shared a lengthy post with a picture of Bill referring to this strange incident on LinkedIn, which everyone is stunned to read. Anirudh’s Volkswagen car was damaged in the recent floods in Bengaluru. After which he sent him to the service center located in Whitefield area. But seeing the repairing estimated bill, his senses were blown away.

Anirudh is working as a Product Manager at Amazon. He could not understand whether to pay the repairing bill or leave the car at the service center. Sharing the picture of the estimated bill, he wrote, ‘I had to push my car into the waist-filled water on the towing truck at 11 pm. We are middle class people. There is no one to help. But still they help themselves in some way.’ He further wrote, ‘The troubles did not end here. After about 20 days, the service center handed over the estimated repairing bill of 22 lakhs.

Blown away after seeing the bill

On seeing the bill, Anirudh’s senses were blown away, because the cost of his car was only around 11 lakhs. After this he contacted his insurance provider Acko. Thankfully, Anirudh had already conveyed this strange development to Volkswagen Management via e-mail. Taking cognizance of which the company settled the matter for Rs 5000. Anirudh also told that he finally got his car back on 26 September. Now Anirudh’s post is becoming increasingly viral on social media.