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Uttarakhand / Haridwar : Theft of God’s house too! The thieves took away the cash by breaking the lock of the donation box of the temple, the police searching for the thief in the CCTV footage

The thieves in Dharmanagari have become so high that they are no longer ready to even give away religious properties. Unknown thieves escaped with the cash kept in it by breaking the lock of a donation box kept outside a temple in the crowded Har Ki Paidi area. Police has now registered a case against unknown thieves in this case. Along with this, the police has started scrutinizing the footage of CCTV cameras installed nearby. Incidents of theft have also started increasing in religious places. Thieves are cleaning their hands on cash by breaking the locks of the charitable vessels of the shrines as well. Now by breaking the lock of the donation box kept in the temple near Harki Paidi, he cleaned his hands on the cash. Police have started checking the CCTV footage to identify the thief. There is a donation box outside the temple near Harki Paidi. On Tuesday night, the thief broke the lock of the donation box and stole the cash kept inside.

The devotees who went to worship in the temple in the morning informed the servants of the temple after seeing the lock broken. Let us tell you that a few months ago, an unknown thief broke the lock of a donation box kept outside such a temple and took cash. However, that thief was arrested by the Har Ki Paidi Chowki police within a few hours. Har Ki Paidi Chowki in-charge Mukesh Thaledi says that investigation is being done. The thief will be arrested soon.