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Amit Shah had stopped speech at the time of Azan in Kashmir, Harish Rawat praised

Former CM Harish Rawat (Former CM Harish Rawat) is considered a strong leader, who also praises opponents in his own style. The political meaning of which is enough to create a stir in the opposition camp. A similar familiar style of Harish Rawat has been seen again. Harish Rawat is seen praising the leader of his arch rival BJP. That leader is Home Minister Amit Shah, whom he praised openly but at the same time targeted the party. Harish Rawat did not lag behind even giving advice.

Harish Rawat praises Amit Shah

Senior Congress leader Harish Rawat wrote on social media that whenever there was azaan from the nearest mosque between Congress meetings, Congress leaders used to stop their speech in respect. The BJP used to incite the sentiments of the people against the Congress by calling it our Muslim rivalry. It is great to see that now the BJP is also changing. If India has changed the big fanatics, then it is good to see BJP leader respected Amit Shah ji in a changed form. A meeting of Baramulla to which Amit Shah was addressing, when the voices of azaan echoed from the neighboring mosque, Amit Shah stopped his speech. This has strengthened the identity of India. I wish there was more bigotry which spreads hatred among the people, that fanaticism which makes others fanatic and weakens the country, it would be good if BJP changes those habits too.

What happened in Baramulla, Kashmir?

People gathered in Baramulla to listen to Amit Shah. The Home Minister himself was also giving his address in full enthusiasm from the stage. In the meantime, he came to know that azaan has started in the nearby mosque. As soon as this news came, he stopped his speech midway. He said, ‘I have just received a letter that it is time for prayer in the mosque.’ That is why I am stopping the speech. After some time, he started speaking again from the stage by asking the public itself. He asked, ‘Will I start again, just speak louder, brother.’