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Uttarakhand : 19 killed in avalanche on Draupadi’s Danda peak, 10 trainee climbers still missing

The death toll in the avalanche (Avalanche) on Draupadi Ka Danda (DKD) peak now stands at 19. The Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (NIM) has officially confirmed the death of 19 people. 10 trainee climbers are still missing. District Disaster Management Officer Devendra Patwal said that a search and rescue team is engaged to find 10 missing trainee climbers in Draupadi’s Danda area.

Uttarkashi delivered four dead bodies

Two Cheetah helicopters took off for Draupadi’s stick rescue from Harshil Army Helipad at 7 am today. An attempt was made to bring the four bodies to Matli helipad by the said helicopter, but due to bad weather, the bodies were landed at Harshit helipad. At the same time, Shimla Himachal resident of Shivam Kaithal has been identified among the trainee mountaineers.

Savita Kanswal’s last rites will be performed with state honors

These bodies were brought to Uttarkashi District Hospital after the weather cleared. At the same time, the Everester Savita Kanswal, who died in the accident, will be given state honors before the last rites. It is cloudy on Friday in Uttarkashi district headquarters. While there is light snowfall in Draupadi’s Danda area. Rescue operation is being conducted manually. Also, the Air Force team has also taken a high risk.

34 members of the team were caught in the avalanche

The search operation is being carried out by a 14-member team from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (NIM), SDRF and Jammu and Kashmir High Altitude Warfare School, Gulmarg. Let us inform that the 42-member team of Nim had gone to Draupadi’s Danda for training on 23rd September. On Tuesday, 34 members of the team were hit by the avalanche. Five injured are undergoing treatment in Uttarkashi.

On October 4, a 42-member team of the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (NIM) went to the Draupadi ka Danda area of ​​the Dokrani Glacier at an altitude of 18600 feet for an advanced course. The 34 leading members of the team were hit by an avalanche that day. In these, two instructors and two trainee climbers, including Everest winner and trainer Savita Kanswal, were killed and four instructors and a nursing staff were injured. Five of the crew’s trainers, one nursing staff and two trainees survived safely. They were far behind the main party.