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Uttarakhand : So is the snake the reason for the Pauri bus accident? The driver of the groom’s car told the whole thing! 32 have died so far

32 people were killed when a bus full of processions going from Haridwar to Pauri fell into a gorge on Tuesday night. This bus was going from Laldhang in Haridwar to Birkhal Kanda Talla village for Pauri. Now Dharmendra, the driver of the groom’s car, has revealed the reason for the accident. He told that the snake had come in front of the groom’s vehicle, after which he applied the brakes and then the bus, full of processions behind, overtaking the car as soon as it came out, the bus fell into the ditch. The groom saw this scene happening in front of his eyes. The bridegroom has lost his close relatives in the accident, which has left the groom and his mother in a tearful condition.

Last rites at Chandi Ghat in Haridwar

After this incident, there has been silence in Laldhang village. At the same time, the dead who died in the bus accident in Pauri district have been cremated. Everyone was inconsolable seeing such a large number of dead bodies being cremated together. The Haridwar district administration had made arrangements for the last rites for the bodies of those killed in the bus accident. Weeping and crying at the cremation ground, the relatives were seen indifferent to the loss of their loved ones.

The shadow of the parent lifted from the child’s head

There is a family in which no one is left in the house, whereas after this accident, the shadow of both the parents was raised from the head of a child. While the relatives of those killed in the accident are talking about the delayed arrival of NDRF to the accident site, some people are blaming the road condition. The family is now demanding compensation. There is a demand to give job to the family member of the deceased. However, it has been said by the government to give jobs in departments like PRD or Anganwadi.