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CBI interrogates former Meghalaya Governor Satya Pal Malik, a case of Rs 300 crore bribe

CBI questioned former Meghalaya Governor Satya Pal Malik at CBI Headquarters in Delhi. Malik was questioned by the central probe agency over his allegations that he was offered a bribe of Rs 300 crore to clear two files when he was the governor of Jammu and Kashmir.

Malik, who was the governor of many states including Meghalaya, had been in the headlines for a long time. Several statements made during the farmers’ movement had created difficulties for the central government. He had claimed that when he was the governor of Jammu and Kashmir, he was offered a bribe of Rs 300 crore. After this the CBI started investigating these allegations.

News agency ANI quoted sources as saying that the CBI called Malik to the CBI office in Delhi and questioned him about the whole matter. At a function in Rajasthan on October 17 last year, Malik had said, “Two files had come up for my consideration. One of the secretaries told me that if I approve these, I can get 150 crores each. I turned down the offer saying that I had brought five kurta pajamas to Kashmir and will go back with them now.” He then said that I canceled both the deals. I am ready to test.. I am clean.

‘The PM was given information about the whole matter’
He further said that one of my secretaries told me that I can get ₹150 crore in both the deals, but I sought time from the PM and apprised him of the scam. I told him that he claims to be your close confidant. I should appreciate PM as he told me not to compromise with corruption. Corruption was rampant in Kashmir where the commission was 15% compared to 5% in other parts of the country. But I am happy that there was no major corruption during my tenure.

Malik’s tenure ended on October 3
Satyapal Malik retired this month. His term ended on 3 October and he was not given any extension. BD Mishra was sworn in as the Governor of Meghalaya in his place. After retirement, Malik had said that I am already walking around with my resignation, but now I am free. The former governor said that I am free now. I can do anything and go to jail. Malik, who reached the Kisan Mahasammelan in Segli village of Bulandshahr, attacked the Modi government directly and said that they will attack me and try to punish, but will not be able to spoil anything.