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Punjab: Gangster fired at police team in Batala, arrested after encounter

On Saturday, a gangster opened fire on the police in Batala, Punjab. The gangster has been identified as Bablu. It is being told that the police had arrived to arrest the gangster. During this, he started firing on seeing the police. After this firing was also done by the police and after a while the gangster was arrested.

According to the information, when the police had reached to arrest the gangster Bablu, at that time he was trying to escape. His wife and child were with him in the car. After seeing the police, he started firing without caring about the lives of his wife and child. Seeing the woman and the child in the car, there was no firing from the police.

It is being told that to escape from the police, Bablu entered the fields with his wife and child. After that the police chased him. First the wife and child were caught and then after a while gangster Bablu was also arrested.

SSP Batala Satinder Singh said that gangster Ranjot Singh has been arrested. There are 6 cases registered against him. Police raided his house in the morning but he escaped from there. The police chased him but he opened fire on the police. He was injured in the firing. Two pistols have been recovered from his possession.

The SSP said that the gangster fired 25-30 rounds at the police and in retaliation the police also fired about 30-40 rounds. No police personnel were injured. Further investigation is being done.