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LG wrote a letter to the CM of Delhi saying- ‘You are crossing the limits’, Kejriwal said- ‘Another love letter came’

Delhi Lieutenant Governor Vinay Saxena has written a letter to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. He has written in the letter that Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal should take cognizance of the misleading, unrestrained and factless statements of his ministers and leaders.

Expressing regret, the Lieutenant Governor has written that while performing his duties, he is raising all the issues related to the people of Delhi, but the ministers of the Delhi government and the leaders of the Aam Aadmi Party are working to mislead the people by making unrestrained statements. Huh. Along with this, he also wrote that apart from crossing all the limits of dignity, you are running away from the responsibilities of governance.

‘Did I do something wrong?’

Recalling the letters written to the Delhi government and the Chief Minister in the past months, the Lieutenant Governor has said that he has raised the issues related to the people of Delhi many times, but he has not received a satisfactory reply. The LG wrote in the letter, your cabinet itself withdrew its much publicized Excise Policy 2021 considering it to be unsuccessful and efficient. It is well known that there were allegations of scam in the implementation of this policy and the role of many high-ranking people was allegedly dubious. So far 2 people have also been arrested in this case. Did I do anything wrong by ordering an inquiry in this matter?”

The Lieutenant Governor did not stop here. He further wrote in the letter, I have written a letter to warn you that as Chief Minister, you do not sign the files which is completely unfair and unconstitutional. Many important decisions are taken under the signature of your personal secretaries. I am glad that now the files sent to me come only after your signature. Was it wrong on my part to warn you about this?”

LG raised the issue of vacant posts

In the letter, Lieutenant Governor Vinay Saxena also raised the issue of vacant posts in Delhi government schools. He wrote, “Instead of filling 20,000 posts lying vacant for years in Delhi government schools, thousands of contract teachers were recruited. Many of these cases were found to be fake. I asked the Chief Secretary to inquire about this. Said. Is this unfair?”

LG’s reaction to ‘love letter’ tweet

The Lt Governor further wrote in the letter, “It is a pity that instead of not taking satisfactory action on all these issues or giving proper answers, you and your allies have adopted every such means that it is very objectionable to the person who brought out the mistakes and shortcomings, People can be diverted from the issue by making unsubstantiated and false allegations. He wrote in the end, I hope that you will accept this message of mine in the true sense, in the form of ‘duty letter’, which you are calling ‘love letter’, received from the guardian of Delhi.

‘Today another love letter has arrived’

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal also replied to the letter of the Lieutenant Governor. He once again taunted LG by tweeting. Kejriwal wrote, “Today another love letter has arrived.” CM Kejriwal had tweeted something similar a day back. He had said, “In the last six months, LG Sahib has written me as many love letters as my wife has not written to me in her entire life.”