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Delhi / Madhu Vihar : The thief first caught the ear in front of God, then broke the box and stole 3 lakhs, donated for the temple

An incident of theft has come to light in the temple of Mayurdhwaj Apartment in Madhu Vihar area. The thief has carried out the incident in the temple at midnight. Interestingly, before committing the theft, the criminal held his ear with folded hands in front of God and apologized. He blew away 3 lakh rupees by breaking the lock of the donation box. Along with this, he also kept walking with brass bells. The incident has been recorded in the CCTV camera. On the basis of this, the police is trying to identify the thief. The people of Mayurdhwaj Society told that the thief entered after cutting the barbed wire behind the temple. People are speculating that the incident was carried out by staying in the temple premises for 2 hours. However, people have raised questions on the working style of the police administration. He has said that the police rarely patrol the area. The morale of criminals has increased. Incidents of crime are happening in the area every day.

A video of this has also surfaced. In the video, the criminal is seen with folded hands. During this, he is seen doing some suspicious activity in the temple. A curtain is seen outside the place of worship. Some bells are also seen hanging here. The theft is not clearly visible in the CCTV footage because of the curtain.

People complained to the police

Local people say that the incident came to know in the morning, when people went to the temple to worship. People saw that the lock of the donation card was broken. Also the items of worship are scattered here and there. Immediately after getting information about the incident, other people of the society also gathered. He called and informed the police about this whole matter. The police officer said that the thief has carried out the incident cleanly in the temple. The thief will be identified soon.

Questions are being raised on the working style of the police

There is resentment among the local people against the police. People said that the fear of the police has ended in the criminals. Criminals easily leave by carrying out incidents and no action is taken. The people of the society have demanded the police to arrest the thief and recover the donation money at the earliest.