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Uttar Pradesh / Agra : The poster itself is telling the story of atrocities! Troubled by the leader, the young man was forced to sell the house?

In Uttar Pradesh’s Agra district, a young man put up a poster of a house for sale outside his house after getting upset with a woman BJP office-bearer. It is being told that Satish Raja, a resident of Nagla Faturi of Yamunapar in the district, got into a dispute with the female officer of BJP over playing DJ in loud voice. The dispute escalated so much that the police had to be called on the spot. But now the victim’s family wants to sell their house after getting upset with the BJP leader. At the same time, the police have to say on this matter that the victim had a dispute with his neighbor. Presently the matter is being investigated.

Victim narrated the incident

While giving information about the matter, the victim Satish Raja said that next to his house is the house of the district unit officer of BJP. He had organized a Bhandara on the occasion of Vijayadashami. During this event, the BJP leader played DJ in a loud voice till late in the night. When the DJ did not stop till 12 o’clock in the night, his health started deteriorating due to the noise. After which the victim Satish asked the BJP leader to stop the DJ.

Victim’s family put up poster of house for sale

Raja alleges that the BJP leader’s family members started threatening him by asking him to leave the locality. After which the victim called the police. Raja told that under compulsion, the family has put up a poster of the house for sale. He said that it seems that he will no longer be able to live here. Giving information on this matter, Inspector Vinod Kumar, in-charge of Police Station Etmaddaula said that further action will be taken after investigating the matter. On the other hand, BJP District President Girraj Singh Kushwaha said that the incident was not in his cognizance. This issue will be resolved through dialogue amongst themselves.