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This share of Reliance Group broke so much, that it broke people’s back! This share of ₹ 540 broke down to ₹ 13

A share of the debt-ridden Reliance Group was consistently performing poorly. However, its trading has been stopped for the last few days. The shares of the company have been delisted from the exchange. If you look at its share price history record, it has pauped long-term investors. In fact, in the last five years, this stock has reduced the investment of 1 lakh of its investors to Rs 2 thousand. The name of this share is- Reliance Capital

Shares fell from Rs 540 to Rs 13.75

On 13 October 2017, the stock declined from Rs 540.75 to Rs 13.75. During this period, the stock fell nearly 98%. Let us tell you that its trading is closed on BSE and NSSE from 3 October 2022. That is, if an investor had invested one lakh rupees in this stock five years ago, then his investment would have come down to just Rs 2,407. The stock has lost 41.11% in the last one year. At the same time, this year it has fallen 8.64% in YTD and 17.91% in the last one month. Please tell that the public shareholding in this company was more than 94%. Let us tell you that Reliance Capital was stuck in debt for a long time and is now going through insolvency process.

Company has debt

Actually, Anil Ambani’s company Reliance Capital is under heavy debt burden. The lenders who have given loans to this company want to recover their money. For this the company has to go through insolvency process. This means that the company is being sold. This is the reason why the stock has been de-listed i.e. trading has been stopped. However, de-listing occurs when a company ceases its operations or seeks to merge, expand or reorganize. A company that does not follow the rules properly or is in insolvency process is still prohibited from trading. However, the shares have been debited in demat.