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Cut off the hand, cut off the neck; Saints incited violence over Manish’s murder in Delhi

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) on Sunday organized a protest program ‘Akrosh Sabha’ to protest the killing of a Hindu youth in Sunder Nagari of North-East Delhi. During this, the religious leaders present on the stage gave very hateful statements in the presence of the police. During this, hundreds of people were present.

This religious guru did not stop here, during this time Acharya Yogeshwar openly threatened to take law in his hands, advised to cut off the hands and necks of jihadis. He said that Hindus have started migrating from the beautiful city because of Jihadis.

At the same time, Mahant Naval Kishore Das advised the Hindus to openly take up the gun to protect the religion. He said that now is the time to carry arms and scriptures together. For this weapons, whether licensed or non-licensed, should be kept by everyone, Hindus have not taken the contract to follow the law.

Let us tell you that on October 1, a 25-year-old youth Manish was brutally stabbed to death by three men in Sunder Nagari. During this the people present there remained spectator. The entire incident was captured in a CCTV camera installed near the spot. All the three accused live in the same area of ​​the deceased and they killed Manish with a knife for not withdrawing a case. The names of the accused are being told as Faizan, Bilal and Armaan. All the three accused are from different communities. Tension prevailed in the area after this massacre.