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Uttar Pradesh / Kanpur : The young man was shouting tied with a chain – give water .. give water, on seeing the young man, the police team galloped away!

The bridge of Pandu river in Kanpur Panki, Uttar Pradesh, looked like a shadow below on Friday night. Going closer and seeing, he was found tied with a deranged chain. After which people informed the police. The police who reached the spot got down under the bridge and cut the chain and pulled him out with the help of a rope. The young man had tied himself under this bridge even one and a half years ago. Even then the police had freed it. After seeing the deranged, there was an atmosphere of fear around. On Friday late night, Commander Vijay Kumar of PRV 2051, Sub Commander Virendra Kumar and Driver Shiv Prabal Pratap Singh, standing at Kapli Mor, heard someone screaming from under the Pandu river bridge located nearby. The police reached the spot, descended into the river in the light of the torch and reached the pillar, where the police were blown away after seeing the chained youth on the pillar’s gutter. Somehow, when the police reached the young man, the young man became abusive and attacked the police itself. After a lot of effort, the police overpowered him and pulled him out with the help of a rope, opening the chain tied around his legs.

During interrogation, the youth revealed his name as Pawan, a resident of Samastipur in Bihar. According to the youth, his father Raju Saini had taken him away about two years ago. After which he wandered and came to Chakarpur Mandi, where he started doing Palladari. He loves to see the water flowing. Due to this, he had tied himself after reaching under the bridge. Panki Inspector Anjan Kumar Singh told that the young man is mentally deranged. About a year and a half ago, the young man had chained himself under this bridge. During that time the Sachendi police had freed him. Seeing the strange antics of the young man, he has been sent to the child protection home.

The police ran away screaming as a ghost

Seeing the condition of the young man, the police reached there after hearing the sound of drink water from under the Pandu river bridge and ran away from there screaming considering him as a ghost. Industrial area outpost in-charge Satish Kumar Singh, who reached the information of the matter, reached the spot and talked to the youth. After which the police realized that he was a human being when the young man pleaded.