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Death of the only vegetarian crocodile in the world, used to eat rice-jaggery prasadam; Was living in a Kerala temple for 70 years

The world’s only vegetarian crocodile died in Kerala. For 70 years this crocodile was living in the lake of Sri Ananthapadmanabhaswamy temple in Kasaragod district. He used to guard the temple premises by staying in the Anantapura lake. The priests took out the last journey of the crocodile according to Hindu rituals and buried it near the premises.

The crocodile was affectionately called Babia. He used to eat the rice-jaggery prasadam offered in the temple. Babia was missing since Saturday. His body was found floating in the lake around 11.30 pm on Sunday. After this the temple administration informed the Animal Husbandry Department and the police.

Crowds gathered to see the crocodile
Many politicians and hundreds of people came to see the crocodile one last time. When the crowd started increasing, the body was removed from the lake and kept in the open space.

Union Minister of State arrived to pay his last respects
Union Minister of State Shobha Karandlaje also reached to see Babia. Paying tribute, he said that the crocodile lived in the temple for 70 years. May God give him salvation.

BJP state president K. Surendran said that lakhs of devotees visited the crocodile. Heartfelt tribute to Baba.

Crocodile liked rice
The priests claim that the crocodile was completely vegetarian and did not eat fish or other creatures in the lake. Baba lived in a cave. He used to leave the cave twice a day to visit the temple and go inside after a short walk.

The crocodile used to eat only the prasad offered in the temple. He loved cooked rice and jaggery. Many people used to come to the temple to see Babia apart from the darshan of God and feed him rice with their own hands. People claim that the crocodile has not harmed anyone till date.

The Mysterious History of the Crocodile
It is believed that centuries ago a Mahatma was doing penance in this temple. Then Lord Krishna started troubling the Mahatma by taking the form of a child. Angered by this, the Mahatma pushed Krishna into the pond. When he realized his mistake, he started looking for God, but no one was found in the water.

After this incident a cave appeared nearby. People believe that God had disappeared from this cave. After a few days the crocodile started coming and going from here.

The elders living around the temple say that this was the third crocodile living in the lake, but the only crocodile seen there used to give. After he died of old age, a new crocodile suddenly appeared.