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Kerala / Kozhikode: The priest of the temple was caught walking wearing a burqa, gave a surprising answer in the interrogation of the police

A strange case has come to light in Kozhikode district. Actually, here people caught a priest who was walking around wearing a burqa. According to the information revealed, some people caught the priest of the temple wearing a burqa in a suspicious manner in Koylandi, Kozhikode and then handed him over to the police.

Police said on Sunday that Jishnu Namboothiri (28) was caught by auto drivers at Koylandi Junction on October 7. He said, “The common people after seeing the priest walking in a burqa handed him over to the police. However, there was no complaint of any offense against the priest. So, after the relatives reached the police station, we allowed him to leave.”

The priest of the temple near Meppyur in Koylandi told the police that he was wearing the burqa because he was suffering from smallpox. According to the police, no trace of smallpox was found in the preliminary investigation. The police released the priest after checking his name, address and other information.