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Madhya Pradesh : 70 fake candidates caught in three days, if the length was short, then the wooden block was put in the heels

Fake candidates are also being caught in Agniveer Recruitment Rally. In three days, 70 such candidates were caught, whose age was more than 23 years but to hide the age, other documents including marksheets and birth certificates were falsified. There were also some candidates who were not 10th pass and reached with fake marksheets. Seizing the fake documents and handing them over to the Sagar police. When the length was reduced, the candidates who came to join the recruitment by putting a wooden block in the heel were also caught by the army officers. Officials say that the fake candidates who have been caught are from Gwalior, Niwari, Sheopur, Sagar, Bhind and Panna.

Agniveer Recruitment Rally for youths of 14 districts of the state including Gwalior and Chambal zones has started in Sagar from 7th October. On the first day, the youths of Sheopur and Sagar underwent physical examination. On the second day, the physical examination of the youths of Gwalior and Niwari, on Sunday, Bhind and Panna was conducted. Many youths were caught who were preparing for two years, but now they are overage. Due to this, these people reached by forgery in marksheets and other documents. There were ten candidates who had studied only till class VIII, got fake marksheets made or registered online with some other youth and reached themselves to give physical test.

Around 70 fake candidates have been caught in three days. Those who try to enter Naaptaul by fraudulently are being caught. Candidates are instructed not to make such disturbances, as there is strictness at every check point. Somewhere such candidates will be caught.

Colonel Santosh Kumar, Director, Army Recruiting Office, Murar Cantonment Gwalior

Were trying to join by cheating

The length of some candidates was short, these people reached by sticking a wooden block in the heel, with thermokal gum. Some candidates arrived with energy drinks in the bag, which did not cause breathlessness while running, but they were already caught.

Fraud caught in online verification

The candidates were already registered online. Even after being overage, the fake candidates had come again to join the recruitment rally by manipulating the documents, but they were already registered, the system caught them as soon as they entered their names. During the biometric, such candidates were caught who had come to take the examination themselves after registering with others.