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As soon as the person extended his feet to wear the shoes, the snake came out of the shoe by snorting

Many videos related to snakes go viral on social media. Some of these are such that people get scared just after seeing them. Please note that snakes are very dangerous. At the same time, some of the species of snakes are so poisonous that the person dies within a few minutes of their sting. King Cobra is also one of them. Many times snakes hide in such places that they can bite if care is not taken. One such video is going viral on social media. It can be seen in the video that a dangerous cobra snake was sitting hiding in the shoe. At the same time, the unknown person was the one wearing the shoes.

The cobra sat hiding in the shoe

The video going viral on social media is being told of Mysore in Karnataka. In the video, a dangerous cobra can be seen hiding in the shoes kept in the courtyard outside the house. No one in the house even knew about it. At the same time, the person who had this shoe came from inside the house, as soon as he started pushing his feet to wear the shoes, at the same time his eyes fell on the cobra hidden inside and he started screaming in fear. Hearing his cries, other members of the house also came out running.

Angry cobra

This video has been shared on Twitter by a journalist named Bharati Ranjan. It can be seen in the video that looking at the cobra, it looks as if it is about to attack. He seemed very angry. However, Snack Catcher, after a lot of struggle, tamed the poisonous snake and lifted it with the help of a stick and put it in a box and locked it. In such a situation, as soon as the snake got locked in the box, all the people present there heaved a sigh of relief.

Such an incident has happened before

Let us tell you that such a video had surfaced earlier in July this year as well. That video was shared by IFS officer Sushanta Nanda. He wrote in the caption that you can find snakes in the strangest places. Be careful. Take help of trained persons. In the viral clip, it could be seen that a lot of shoes and slippers are kept on a rack. A shoe is placed at the top, in which a snake is hidden, which a woman tries to take out with the help of a stick. Suddenly the cobra spreads out its hood, and stands up hissing. The woman retreats. She carefully catches the snake in the end. Also, advises people that whenever they wear shoes, they should wash them once. So that any worm inside will come out. Otherwise… the consequences could be dire!