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In Ujjain today will rise Sanatan Nava-Surya, Prime Minister Modi will launch ‘Shri Mahakal Lok’

In the city of Adi-Anant Lord Mahakal in Ujjain this evening, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will dedicate the newly constructed new-magnificent Shri Mahakal to the nation. It will be a moment of faith, faith and glory for the followers of Sanatan religion all over the world. Amazing decorations have been put up in Ujjain for the inauguration ceremony. Mahakaleshwar Temple is the fourth Jyotirlinga to be renovated after renovation at Kedarnath, expansion of premises at Kashi Vishwanath and new construction at Somnath. Prime Minister Modi will reach Ujjain on Tuesday at 5.30 pm. First of all reach the Mahakal temple and worship the Jyotirlinga. After this Shri Mahakal will observe the people and make an offering. Prime Minister Modi will address the public meeting after the inauguration. Mahakal song written and sung by singer Kailash Kher will also be released in this meeting. Kher will also perform here.

Pradoshkal will be there when Prime Minister Modi inspects and unveils the newly created Shri Mahakal Lok Ka. Being Pradoshkal, this time will be free from all faults. At this time the name of Shiva will be Muhurta. This time has also been chosen because at the time of Lokarpan Venus will be Mahadasha and Venus will be in conjunction with Mercury in Virgo. This Muhurta will also increase tourism and employment in Sri Mahakal people and Ujjain in the period to come.

Shivnagari Ujjayini is decorated like a Simhastha (Kumbh) mela for the festival. Lighting is being done in the Mahakal temple, the Lord has been dressed in new clothes in other temples. Other ghats along with Ramghat located on Mokshadayini river Maa Shipra have been decorated with colors and lights. Trishul, Damru and other symbols of Mahadev are seen here and there.

The excitement is also visible in the arenas

In all the 13 arenas of Sanatan tradition, there is celebratory rejoicing over the creation and dedication of Sri Mahakal Lok. Saints and Saints of all Akharas including Juna Akhara, Niranjani Panchayati Akhara, Mahanirvani Akhara, Mahamandaleshwar etc. have described Shri Mahakal Lok as wonderful, unimaginable and supernatural. In the local ashrams of the Akharas, Vedapathi Batkus, Acharyas have also made mental preparations for the dedication in the form of celebrations in their respective Akharas.

Modi will not do Jalabhishek

Prime Minister Modi will visit the Jyotirlinga in the sanctum sanctorum of the Mahakal Temple and do puja-archan, but will not perform water consecration. Jyotirlinga Jalabhishek is prohibited after 5 PM in Mahakal Temple. The chief Pandit Ghanshyam Pujari of the temple will worship Rajadhiraj Mahakal with Shodshopchar Pujan i.e. sixteen types of substances. Later, the Prime Minister will also meditate in the Nandi Hall in front of the sanctum sanctorum for some time.

Shri Mahakal Lok inauguration happiness in foreign too

Shri Mahakal Lok inauguration happiness in foreign too. BJP’s foreign relations department has arranged to show inauguration program to NRIs of 40 countries including USA, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, UK, UAE, Canada, Holland, Kuwait. Madhya Pradesh BJP has sent a live link of the program to these NRIs. Not only this, Manega Utsav on the occasion of Lokarpan in temples abroad, lamps will be lit in temples. The program will also be shown on the big screen. A virtual meeting was held regarding this preparation, in which the NRIs of these countries, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan, BJP State President Vishnudatta Sharma, Co-Convenor of Foreign Relations Department Sudhanshu Gua were present.