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The eunuchs also have the right to equality in the society, in UP, the Yogi government is working to make the eunuchs self-reliant

Be it women or men, everyone has equal right to live in the society and the government has also given equal rights to everyone. In such a situation, there is such a section in this society which everyone ignores. Because he has no identity of his own, he is neither male nor he is female, yes that community is transgender i.e. transgender community. Now the Yogi government has started efforts at every level to get the rights of the transgender community of Uttar Pradesh. Like all certificates in Uttar Pradesh, transgender certificate is also being made. After which the eunuch society will be able to take advantage of all the schemes of the government. Wherever he will show this certificate of education, he will easily get the benefit of every scheme related to him.

Vrinda and Vanshika will represent the eunuchs

So far a total of 5 transgender certificates have been made in Meerut. Not only this, a district level Kinnar Welfare Board committee has also been constituted by the Yogi government to monitor and monitor the implementation of welfare schemes for transgenders. District Officer is the chairman of this Kinnar Kalyan Board committee formed in Meerut, all departments including CMO, District School Inspector, Child Development Project Officer, have been included in this committee. Apart from this, two eunuchs Vrinda Yadav and Vanshika Masand are included in this committee, which will represent the eunuch community and will go among them and will make all the eunuchs aware about the schemes of the government.

Know why the identity card will be special

District Social Welfare Officer Sunil Kumar said that not only is the transgender certificate being made by the Yogi government, as well as their separate identity card is also being issued. This identity card will be special in itself because in the coming time, with this identity card, you will also be able to take advantage of all the schemes like Ayushman Bharat.

Online registration will also be done for making registration certificate and identity card will be easily done by registering online. For which you will have to submit your affidavit to the District Social Welfare Department.

Also, there will be a bisexual security cell in every police station

Now a transgender protection cell will also be set up in each police station. Where this cell will work to monitor crimes against transgender persons and ensure timely registration of cases, investigation and prosecution. This cell will be set up under the charge of the District Magistrate and the Director General of Police, its responsibility will rest with the Senior Superintendent of Police.

Unisex toilets to be built in public places by the government

Let us tell you that now every facility will be given to the eunuchs by the Yogi government. Unisex toilets for transgenders will be made in all public places including Municipal Corporation, Regional Transport, Chief Medical Officer, Regional Higher Education Officer, District School Inspector, all educational institutions.

Yogi government took steps to make it self-reliant

If the children or other family members of the transgender community want to do employment, then the government has also made a plan to train them and make them self-reliant by giving grants. For which Skill Development Mission, ITI, Regional Employment Department are working. All these departments will train the people of the transgender community and make them self-reliant by giving employment. In fact, they had to face a lot of problems due to no identity card or identity card of the transgender community. Be it education, medical or any other facility, they had to be deprived of all.

The government took these steps to make it self-reliant

Due to this, the people of the transgender community ask for congratulations by singing on the occasion of happiness of others to feed themselves and their families, or hide their identity and remain silent in the midst of the society. But now the Yogi government has given these eunuchs their rights along with respect. Now eunuchs can not only take advantage of all the schemes of the government like a common person, as well as play their participation in every area of ​​the society.