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G-7 countries threaten Russia amid threat of nuclear attack on Ukraine, Belarus plunges into war

Between the war between Russia and Ukraine, all the countries of the world are afraid of world war. Meanwhile, many big updates have come out about this war, where on one hand the US has made it clear that it is not going to enter the battlefield directly against Russia, while Belarus has jumped into the battlefield. Belarus has deployed its army to the Ukraine border, where thousands of Russian soldiers are already present. Meanwhile, in the meeting of the G-7 countries, Russia has been warned in a strict tone.

May attack through Belarus
A truck blast on a bridge in Russian-occupied Crimea raised Putin’s mercury so high that on October 10, the biggest air strike happened on Ukraine. One after the other, the direction of several Russian missiles turned towards Ukraine. On the other hand, Belarus has also announced to jump into the war. At the same time, seeing such a big shift in the war of Ukraine in the last 4 days, America and Europe have started fearing that Putin may not do chemical or nuclear attack on Ukraine.

Renowned researcher and historian Dr. Yuri Felshinsky, born in Russia and now living in America, knows Putin closely. He has also given a very big statement on Ukraine war. Dr Yuri said that Vladimir Putin is afraid of confronting the US and NATO directly. That’s why he will launch a nuclear attack on Ukraine through Belarus. Because this would not hold Russia directly responsible for the attack.

G-7 countries also fear nuclear attack
By the way, Dr. Yuri Felshins is not the only one who thinks so. The G-7, an organization of the world’s 7 largest economy countries, feels the same way. In the latest emergency meeting of the G-7, Russia was threatened that if there was a chemical, biological or nuclear attack on Ukraine, Russia would have to face very bad consequences. Ukraine’s President Zelensky was also involved in this emergency meeting of the G-7. Zelensky has demanded destructive weapons from the G-7 countries. The G-7 countries have also assured help to Ukraine, but the fear of the G-7 countries about the nuclear attack is telling that now Putin can do anything.

Belarus engulfed in war
The atmosphere has become even more heated with Belarus jumping into the war between Ukraine and Russia. On October 10, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko called an emergency meeting with his top military commanders. What Lukashenko said after the meeting has raised the risk of a world war in Europe. Lukashenko said that we have learned that Ukraine is going to attack Belarus. That’s why we have decided to deploy our army along with the Russian army on the Ukraine border. We will give our land to the Russian army to build a base camp and prepare for war.

NATO threatened
This statement simply means that Ukraine is now surrounded by 2 front wars. Now Belarus along with Russia is also planning to shake Ukraine. After this war statement of Lukashenko, NATO, an organization of 30 countries, also flared up. NATO has said that it will continue to provide arms to Ukraine and whoever clashes with NATO will be watched.

Let us tell you that Belarus shares border with Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. All these three are NATO countries. It is possible that to scare Lukashenko, NATO will soon conduct a big military drill in these 3 countries. NATO Chief Stoltenberg has also said in his latest statement that NATO will conduct a nuclear drill next week. Which no one can stop.

Meanwhile, a big meeting is also going to take place. It is being told that Russian President Putin and Turkish President Erdovan may meet. Both can be found in Kazakhstan. The proposal for talks with Western countries can be discussed in this meeting.