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Robot fell asleep while speaking in British Parliament, eyes like zombie, had to restart

Technology is continuously increasing in the world. In the present time, computers and humans are working together. But the coming time is of Artificial Intelligence i.e. AI. In this, the computer has its own brain. Many robots of AI technology have been made all over the world. On Tuesday, an AI robot addressed the UK Parliament for the first time. The human-like robot addressed the House of Lords and discussed AI’s threat to the creative industry. This robot is the first robot to address the British Parliament.

When the robot was giving its speech in Parliament, a technical fault occurred in it. Due to a technical fault, this robot fell asleep while speaking, after which it had to be restarted. AI-Da was created in 2019 by Aiden Mailer, a specialist in modern and contemporary art. AI-Da discussed with members of the Communications and Digital Committee whether technology and artificial intelligence threaten creativity.

AI-Da can make paintings
Crossbench peer Baroness Bull asked her how she makes art? In response, AI-Da said, ‘I depend on computer programs, I can’t live but still make art. I can create paintings with my eye camera and my robotic hands and algorithms, which result in striking images. AI-Da continued, ‘I use a neutral network for poems, which involves identifying common content and poetic structures and then analyzing a large vocabulary to create new poems.’

Restarted and put on glasses
When AI-Da was addressing the British Parliament, its eyes started rolling. His eyes looked like that of a zombie. Seeing all this, Aiden Mailer, who made the robot, restarted it and gave the robot a glasses. The robot told the UK parliament that technology would continue to grow in the making of art. Technology already has an impact on today’s art.