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Haryana / Sonipat : You will catch your stomach after reading the promises of Sarpanch candidate, free makeup kit for women, one bottle of liquor daily to the addicts

A strange case has come to see in Sirsad, a village in Sonipat, Haryana. Before the election of Sarpanch to be held here, a candidate has made strange promises to the public. The promises written under the poster of this candidate are so funny and strange that this picture has gone viral on social media. After reading the promises made by this candidate, people are making fun of him and planning to shift to Sirsad. Apart from this, IPS of Odisha, Arun Bothra has also shared this picture on Twitter and has written that I am shifting to this village.

Who is this candidate?

The name of this candidate who is standing for the post of Sarpanch in Sirsad village is Jaikaran Lathwal. In the first poster, all his praises have been written that he is an educated, hardworking, hardworking, belligerent and honest candidate and below is the list of promises to be fulfilled by him if he wins the election. They are being made fun of on social media.

What promises have been made?

The promises made by this Sirsad candidate are as follows.

  • Mann ki Baat program by Sarpanch daily at village base.
  • Construction of three airports in the village.
  • Free makeup kit for women.
  • Petrol in Sirsad Rs 20 per liter.
  • GST over.
  • The price of gas is Rs 100 per cylinder.
  • One bike free for every family.
  • Metro line from Sirsad to Delhi.
  • Power line from below and pipeline from above.
  • Free Wi-Fi facility.
  • Government jobs for the youth of Sirsad.
  • One bottle of wine daily to the addicts.
  • Helicopter facility from Sirsad to Gohana every five minutes.