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The patient was being taken to the lift to treat him, but was dying waiting in the lift?

You must have climbed the lift at some point or the other. In multi-storey buildings, if one has to go up from the third or fourth floor, then it is very important, because if there is no lift, then the condition of the person will get worse in climbing up and if someone is in a hurry then the lift is very useful. Especially when someone is ill, there is an emergency and has to reach the hospital immediately. That is why it is necessary to have lift in high-rise buildings. However, sometimes this lift also proves to be dangerous for the people, because the machines have little to no trust. A very horrifying video related to the lift itself is going viral on social media these days, after seeing which your soul will tremble.

Actually, in this video a patient gets stuck in the lift. He is lying on a stretcher and two hospital staff are trying to get him somewhere by lift, but then there is a technical fault in the lift and he starts going down on his own. In such a situation, along with the patient, a hospital employee also gets trapped inside the lift. In the video you can see how the patient is lying unconscious on the stretcher and two hospital staff try to enter him inside the lift, but only half of the patient’s body had entered the lift without closing the door. Suddenly it starts going down. In such a situation, the hospital staff panics and leaves the patient inside the lift.

There is no information about what happened to the patient in this accident, but from watching the video, it seems that no serious accident must have happened with the patient. Anyone would tremble after watching this video of just 17 seconds. This heart-wrenching video has been shared by IPS officer Rupin Sharma on the social media platform Twitter and in a surprised caption, ‘How did this happen? Pray that the patients and hospital staff are safe.