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Uttar Pradesh : The bribe was being given from the top of the table? The employee of the District Probation Office was caught on camera, VIDEO after 1 year

A video of an employee working at the District Probation Office in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh taking bribe from Lokendra has been circulating on various platforms of internet media. In the viral video, it can be clearly seen that the employee openly takes money from a person on top of the table in his office. Regarding the case, the Probation Officer said that an investigation has been initiated against the accused employee in this regard. Let it be known that on Wednesday morning, a video was circulated on various platforms including WhatsApp, Twitter, in which two people are seen sitting with Lokendra, an employee of the District Probation Office. One of the two persons sitting opposite is seen taking money from his pocket and gently placing it in the employee’s hand. It is being told that in one case the employee took bribe for filing a report during the investigation.

The video is one year old

However, due to non-appearance in the video, information about the person who gave the bribe could not be known yet. District Probation Officer Vikas Chandra says that this video is from July 2021. An investigation has been initiated in this regard. Based on whatever facts come to light, action will be taken against the accused.

The video was broadcast by a former employee

The District Probation Officer said that an employee placed on duty in the office through an outsourcing company has resigned from the job a few days ago. That employee also had a dispute with Lokendra earlier, the former employee has broadcast this video. He will also be questioned in this regard.