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Your Aadhaar is 10 years old, so get your details updated, UIDAI alerts

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) on Tuesday (October 11) urged those who had got their Aadhaar made ten years ago and never updated after that, to update their documents and details. UIDAI has appealed by issuing a statement. UIDAI said, “Persons who got their Aadhaar made ten years ago and have never updated them after that, such Aadhaar number holders are requested to get the documents updated,” the body said. In this regard, the facility of document update has been provided to the Aadhaar holders with the prescribed fee and the Aadhaar holder can update the documents related to personal identity proof and address proof in the Aadhaar data. This facility can also be availed online.

‘Aadhaar number emerged as identification’

UIDAI informed that during this ten years Aadhaar number has emerged as the proof of identity of an individual and Aadhaar number is being used for availing various government schemes and services. UIDAI said that in order to avail these schemes and services, people have to keep the Aadhaar data updated with the latest personal details so that there is no inconvenience in Aadhaar authentication and verification.

It is noteworthy that UIDAI is a statutory authority, which was established by the Government of India on July 12, 2016 under the Aadhaar Act, 2016. It was set up with the objective of issuing Unique Identification Number (UID) called ‘Aadhaar’ to all the residents of India to eliminate dual and fake identities.