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Shock to India in the case of Khalistani supporter Gurpatwant Singh Pannu, Interpol refuses to issue Red Corner notice

Separatist organizations have been accused of conspiracy against India. All the organizations related to it have been banned by the Government of India. Now the government’s effort is to arrest the big leaders of such organizations, for which efforts are being made for a long time. However, Indian agencies have suffered a major setback regarding Gurpatwant Singh Pannu, a staunch supporter of Khalistan. Interpol has refused to issue a red corner notice against Pannu.

Why Interpol rejected the appeal

The Government of India is continuously demanding to issue a Red Corner Notice against the founder of the separatist organization Sikh for Justice and its legal advisor Gurpatwant Singh Pannu. Indian agencies had made this appeal to Interpol for the second time, which was rejected. According to the Indian Express report, Interpol has told that Indian agencies failed to provide sufficient evidence against Pannu, due to which this appeal was rejected.

Not only this, the UAPA under which India had sought to issue notice against Pannu, Interpol also raised questions on that. The report quoted sources as saying that it was told by Interpol that Indian agencies have been accused of misuse of UAPA.

However, Interpol has admitted that Gurpatwant Singh Pannu and his organization Sikh for Justice are associated with separatism. Interpol said that Pannu has political activities, so the Constitution of Interpol does not allow red notice to be issued against him.

Indian agencies could not provide enough evidence

Whenever a country demands a red corner notice against a criminal present in another country, then for this the Interpol has to present sufficient evidence. It is necessary to prove that the accused person was involved in terrorist activities. According to Interpol, India’s National Central Bureau failed to do so. This did not prove that Pannu was involved in terrorist activities. In May 2021, there was a demand from India to issue a red corner notice against Pannu.

What is red corner notice

Red Corner Notice is known worldwide as Red Notice. Whenever a big criminal or terrorist is hiding in another country, there is a demand for a red corner notice against him. Interpol issues this notice. After which all the agencies and police around the world are given the details of that criminal and an alert is issued regarding him. Although the Red Corner Notice does not give the right to arrest directly, but if needed, the police of another country can take the criminal into custody. Interpol can also be called international police, Interpol works in more than 150 countries of the world.