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Actor Robbie Coltrane, who took Harry Potter to Hogwarts, dies in hospital

Actor Robbie Coltrane, who played Rubius Hagrid in the ‘Harry Potter’ series, has died. Robbie Coltrane died at the age of 72. Robbie’s death was confirmed by his agency, reported The Hollywood Reporter. Robbie Coltrane was also seen in the detective drama ‘Cracker’ in addition to the films of the ‘Harry Potter’ series. He was also known for his comedy. Apart from comedy, Robbie Coltrane was also a writer.

Robbie Coltrane’s agent Belinda issued a statement confirming that the actor died in the hospital. Robbie Coltrane passes away, his sister Annie Ray, her children and mother have been devastated by the death of her. There is mourning all over Hollywood

However, it is not yet known why and for how many days Robbie was admitted to Coltrane Hospital. What caused his death? Robbie’s agent said in a statement, “Robbie was an amazing talent. His name was also in the Guinness Book of World Records due to winning the BAFTA Award three times in a row for Best Actor. He will be most remembered for decades to come as Hagrid in the ‘Harry Potter’ films. It was a role that made a place in the hearts of children and adults across the world.

Work in TV shows, name recorded in Guinness
Robbie Coltrane played the role of rubius Hagrid in ‘Harry Potter’ who takes Harry Potter to Hogwarts. Robbie Coltrane got more buzz than ‘Harry Potter’. After the films of this series, he turned to TV. Apart from ‘Cracker’, Robbie Coltrane worked in many TV shows like ‘National Treasure’ and ‘Urban Myths