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Scuffle broke out between Tusshar Kapoor and Ekta Kapoor, the matter reached the police

Ekta Kapoor, daughter of superstar Jitendra, who has dominated the TV world, is also a successful film producer today. At the same time, Ekta Kapoor’s flame remains intact on the web portal as well. Today the web series made by him is making a lot of noise. On one hand, Jitendra made a way to reach the hearts of people through films, while his daughter Ekta Kapoor through TV serials. Till now Ekta Kapoor has given many superhit serials to the TV world. Which has managed to create a different identity in the mind of the audience.

Ekta Kapoor, who has dominated the TRPs through her TV serials, holds the post of Managing Director at Balaji Telefilms, along with she also plays the role of Creative Head in this company. Apart from daughter Ekta Kapoor, Jitendra also has a son named Tusshar Kapoor. Tusshar Kapoor came as a hero in films. However, Tushar did not get as much love from the people as his father used to get. So he proved to be a flop in Bollywood.

There is a wonderful bonding between the two siblings, although like common siblings, they also used to quarrel a lot in their childhood. The funny anecdote of one such quarrel was narrated by Tusshar Kapoor in the show of Comedy King Kapil Sharma, when Tusshar Kapoor was narrating this anecdote, his father Jitendra was also sitting next to him. Tusshar told that during that time he had such a fight with his sister that sister Ekta Kapoor had even called the police, let’s know what is the whole story.

Tusshar Kapoor had told in Kapil Sharma’s show that both of us siblings used to quarrel a lot with each other. And by my very nature, I like patience and calmness, even though I have beaten my sister Ekta Kapoor a lot. It often happened to me that I endured as long as I could. And when my patience ran out, I used to kill him.

Tushar narrates about that incident, “It was about that time when both of us had gone to Tirupati together to have darshan. We were staying in the hotel during that time, and we were having a lot of debate during that time on one thing or the other. I got very angry at something about him and I gave it to him one by one. She angrily called the reception and started shouting that the police broke my nose. My friends present there tried to convince him but he had actually called. After that the police had also come to the hotel, it is fortunate that nothing happened.

While everyone was surprised at this story of Tusshar, everyone was laughing there too. Even Jitendra did not know this story of Tushar. He said after listening that “If I had known this earlier, I would have killed Tusshar a lot.” According to Jitendra, he loves his daughter Ekta Kapoor the most, while he also has a special relationship with Tusshar Kapoor.