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Uttar Pradesh / Ghaziabad : Instead of worshiping on Karvachauth, wife did Dhaul Puja, husband, girlfriend was shopping, in the middle market was crushed

Two people tie the knot, but due to lack of mutual understanding and trust, the discord gradually starts and one day the quarrel increases so much that the wife and wife also reach the court. In such cases, many times it is also possible for a partner to have a relationship with another outside for discord between husband and wife. In this episode, a new video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. The video going viral is of a husband’s beach-market crush

Actually, the case is being told of Ghaziabad. Here in the middle of the market, a husband was caught red-handed by his wife with his girlfriend. After which the husband and his girlfriend were crushed a lot. This video of the assault is becoming viral on social media. It is being told that the husband left the wife and reached the market to make his girlfriend shop for Karvachauth. At the same time, unfortunately for the husband, the wife had also arrived for karvachauth shopping with her mother. Seeing the husband with another young woman in the market, the wife’s mercury became high. He came to the husband with sisters and mother. After which the high voltage drama started

Wife was living in her maternal home, had a dispute with her husband 

Actually, the couple was married five years ago, but the relationship between husband and wife did not go well. After some time, when the quarrels started increasing, the matter also reached the court. The wife started living in her maternal home. In such a situation, the wife also had to come to the same market for karvachauth shopping, in which the husband had reached with the girlfriend. In the case, the police have locked the husband in jail by imposing a section of breach of peace. While the girlfriend has been let off with a warning