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Uttar Pradesh / Hamirpur : Farmer reached the police station with tahrir against Indradev, said – rain has done a lot of damage, Indradev is responsible

Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal’s film O My God (OMG) may have been seen by everyone. A similar incident has come out in Rath, Hamirpur. Paresh Rawal, in the role of Kanji Lal Ji Mehta in the film, challenged God in the court, then a farmer here has filed a complaint against Indradev in the police station for excessive rain. She has complained against Indradev for demolishing the house and destroying the crop. This matter has become a topic of discussion in the entire district.

The complainant is the block president of BKU

It has been raining continuously for the last one week, due to which there has been a lot of damage to the crops of paddy etc. standing in the fields. At the same time, the process of falling raw houses in villages is also going on. Brijkishore Lodhi, a resident of Basela village in Hamirpur, has lodged a complaint against Indradev at Rath Kotwali. He is also the block president of the Bharatiya Kisan Union

Indradev is responsible for the loss

In a complaint given in the police station, Brij Kishore has said that more rain has been done by Indradev this year, which caused damage to crops. The livelihood of the farmer is dependent on the crop and now due to crop failure, there is a problem in the maintenance of the family. Due to excess rains, kutcha houses of the poor have collapsed and many people have become homeless. Indradev is responsible for all this.

Police personnel were also shocked to see Tahrir

It has been alleged in Tahrir that due to Indradev, the problem of livelihood arose in front of the farmers and the poor. A report has been filed against Indradev and pleaded for justice for the farmers. The police personnel were also stunned when the complaint letter against Indradev reached Kotwali. After this information, discussions started among the people in the area and once again people remembered the film O My God.

Rath Kotwal Rajesh Kamal said that he had come to give Tahrir but has explained and returned him. Also, the sub-divisional magistrate’s office has been asked to get proper compensation for the damage caused by the rains