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Truth and Reality

Gujarat / Somnath : The father killed the 14-year-old daughter by saying that the ghost had come, kept her hungry for seven days.

A case of daughter’s murder has come to the fore due to superstition in Gujarat. Father and Tau suspected that the girl was possessed by ghosts. In such a situation, the girl was tied up in a sugarcane field and beaten up. kept him hungry. this caused his death. He believed in tantra-mantras. They believed that the ghost would run away by tantric rituals and beatings. When the girl’s mother and maternal grandfather came to know about the incident, they lodged an FIR, then the matter came to light. The incident is from Dhawa village of Talala in Gir Somnath district. According to the police, the age of the deceased Dhairya was 14 years. She studied in 9th class. She was living in Dhawa village at her uncle Dilip Akbari’s house for almost a year. Tau believes in Tantra. On October 1, he called his brother, Dhairya’s father Bhavesh, who lives in Surat, and told that your daughter is haunted by ghosts. The father reached the raid from Surat. After this, both of them, with mutual advice, chose the path of Tantra to exorcise him.

Suspicion of ghosts entering the body

On October 1, Dilip and Bhavesh took Dhairya to the sugarcane field in the village and tied him there. After two days again both the brothers reached the field and beat up Dhairya. At this Dhairya became impatient. Both the brothers left her in the same condition and came home. Two days later, i.e. on October 5, he went to the field and saw the daughter lying in the same condition. Even then he did nothing.

Dead body smelled

When both of them reached the field at 11 o’clock in the morning of 7 October, the daughter’s body was smelling and had become worms. Then they thought that the daughter had died. Both burnt the daughter’s body on the same night in the field. The next day, the girl’s mother living in Surat was informed about the daughter’s death.

Mother told this news to her father Valji Bhai Dobria. Then both reached the village and asked Bhavesh why we were not waited for the last rites. Being suspicious, he informed the police. Police has arrested the two accused. After questioning them, some items and burnt body of the daughter have been recovered from the farm. In the investigation, the police have also found some CCTV footage.

According to SP Manohar Singh Jadeja, a case was registered after the complaint and both the accused were arrested. He said that at present the investigation is being done whether any tantrik has been involved in the matter or not. At present, both the accused are being interrogated. Efforts are also being made to find out that at whose behest the girl’s father harassed the innocent.