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Uttar Pradesh / Gorakhpur : Father runs after him, four-year-old innocent taken away by crane along with car

Abhijit Singh’s four-year-old son, a resident of Taramandal area, studies in a school in Civil Lines. On Thursday, he arrived to pick up the child at around 1 pm during the school holiday. He took the child from school to Golghar. There they were buying a child’s dress from a shop located next to Jalkal. Abhijeet Singh alleged that the child was suffering from stomach ache, so he was left in the car. He said that he was just buying a dress at the shop, when the contractors who picked up the car came there and started carrying his car on the bulldozer. It is alleged that during this time he shouted several times that there was a child in the car. But the contractor did not listen. After this, the child’s father Abhijeet Singh also had an argument with the contractors who reached the police line with the car. There his car was locked by the contractor.

Complaint to SP Traffic

Abhijeet is lekhpal. Abhijeet took the child out of his lock car at police lines and first reached near SP City. He met SP City at police lines and complained. After this, Abhijeet also complained to SP Traffic

I had a complaint. I have called the contractor and explained. PRD personnel were also walking with them, which I took back. There is no humanity in the contractor.

Dr. MP Singh, SP Traffic

SPG team rescues car

Near the police line, Abhijeet kept arguing with the contractor for a long time with his child in his lap, but the contractor was not ready to leave the car without paying a penalty. At the same time, in view of the CM’s visit, the SPG team reached there after seeing the halla gulla. When the SPG team explained to the contractor, he left the car.

The case is not known. If this has happened, it is a wrong act. The matter will be investigated and strict action will be taken against the guilty. Everyone has to be well with the public.

Durgesh Mishra, Additional Municipal Commissioner