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The date of PM Modi’s visit to Uttarakhand has been finalized, PM will come on this day, he will stay in Uttarakhand for 2 days

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s attachment to Baba Kedar and Uttarakhand is not hidden from anyone. For the past several years, Modi has reached Kedarnath many times to perform sadhana. Along with this, he also keeps reviewing the Kedarnath reconstruction works from time to time. At the same time, Modi has been spending time in Kedarnath to experience spirituality. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit this time is very special. Because this time he is going to Badrinath along with Kedarnath. The date of PM Modi’s visit has also not been finalized. The date of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit has finally been finalized. PM will stay in Uttarakhand on October 21 and 22. During this time, Modi will conduct a ground inspection at Badrinath and Kedarnath. He will also spend time here. What has been mentioned in the initial plan is that PM Modi may go to Badrinath first this time. The ongoing spiritual township construction in Badrinath will be seen closely. He will also monitor the ongoing beautification works there.

For this, a team of officials from PMO will reach Kedarnath and Badrinath before PM’s visit. Along with this, PM Modi will also hold a meeting with the officials of Uttarakhand and give his suggestions regarding the ongoing construction works in both the Dhams. It is being told that this time too Prime Minister Modi will spend the night at Kedarnath and may also deliver his address from here along with morning prayers.

The temple committee has also started preparations for the arrival of PM Modi. The PMO has also asked for a list of who will stay with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Kedarnath and Badrinath, which officer will stay and which temple committee member will stay. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a close relationship with Baba Kedarnath. He has been coming to Kedarnath since then, when he did not even become the Prime Minister and Chief Minister. PM has also mentioned this in his many speeches.

Let it be known that before Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Kedarnath, serious consideration is being given to facilitate and secure the journey to the Dham.  Once approved by the Centre, not only the route to reach Baba Kedar will become very easy, but also the danger of avalanches on the existing route will be eliminated.  What plans are the state and central government preparing for the Baba Kedar footpath?