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On the occasion of Diwali, the forest department engaged in the protection of owls, increased patrolling for the protection of owls in the forests

Boreal owl in autumn leaves

As soon as the festival of Deepawali comes, there is a disaster on the lives of owls. Due to superstition, some people sacrifice owls on Deepawali in order to practice tantra and attain accomplishment. In such a situation, the concern about the conservation of the endangered bird has increased. This is the reason that the Forest Department has canceled the holidays of all its employees and officers and patrolling has been increased to protect the owls in the forests. Sandeep Kumar, officer-in-charge of Terai Eastern Forest Division, said that in view of Diwali, the possibility of smuggling of banned wildlife increases. In such a situation, the department has directed all the forest personnel to keep an eye on poachers by increasing patrolling in the forests. Apart from this, the leave of personnel working in all fields has been cancelled. In special circumstances, the forest workers patrolling the forests will be given leave.

Owl Sacrifice in South India

In South India, it is mentioned in the scriptures named Dakshaditya Brita and Ravana Samhita that Maa Lakshmi is pleased by the sacrifice of an owl, but some people do not agree with this. They believe that when you sacrifice an owl, which is called the vehicle of Goddess Lakshmi, how can Goddess Lakshmi be pleased? In such a situation, the occultists sacrifice owls while reciting the ascension and descent for tantric learning. Experts say that sacrificing a weak creature is a great sin and it is not necessary. Mahalakshmi curses instead of being pleased by making such sacrifices.

Is owl a protected animal?

Owl is a protected animal included in the category of endangered animals under Schedule-I of the Indian Wildlife Act 1972. There is a provision of punishment of at least 3 years or more for its hunting or smuggling. There are about 225 species of owls in the world. Talking about the whole of Uttarakhand, 19 species of owls have been marked here. Species like Brown Fish, Towny Fish, Spot Beelight Eagle Fish, Scap Owl, Brown Hawk, Brown Wood are found around Corbett.

Owls are recognized in countries around the world

The owl bird may be considered inauspicious in the ethos of cultures around the world, but it is also a symbol of prosperity. In Greek belief, it is believed to be related to Athena, the goddess of art and skill, while in Japan it is recognized as a messenger of the gods. According to Hindu belief in India, it is the vehicle of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. This belief has become its enemy. Owl smuggling increases on Diwali. Cases of owls being sacrificed on the eve of Diwali keep coming up in different areas.