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AADHAR number will be given to the child along with the birth certificate. Preparations underway in 16 states

With the birth of a child in the country, the work of giving Aadhar number to him is going on fast. It can be implemented across the country in the coming few months. At present, work is being done in 16 states and in some places Aadhaar numbers are also being given along with birth certificates. According to information received from ‘Hindustan’ through official sources of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), registration information reaches UIDAI with the birth of a child from 16 states of the country. In such a situation, at present, preparations are going on that in the coming few months, along with the birth certificate of the child, the Aadhaar number should be given across the country.

Later, when the child crosses the age of 5 years and 15 years, he will have to link the identity information like biometrics i.e. fingerprints and iris with the Aadhaar number. Need to update Aadhaar older than 10 years UIDAI is trying to ensure that the information on all Aadhaar cards across the country is completely accurate. That is why the option to update the address and other information on the basis of 10 years old is being given.