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Uttar Pradesh / Kanpur : Man became a giant, took his life on the barking of the dog

In Juhi, Kanpur, a madman killed a dog with a brick. The only fault of the voiceless was that he barked. Juhi police, which became active after the CCTV footage of the shameful incident went viral, arrested the accused and sent him to the ACP court from where he was sent to jail. Dharmendra Kumar, a resident of Bamburhia, runs a grocery shop outside the house. He told that on Saturday the dog was sleeping outside the shop. Meanwhile, Jackie, who lives in the locality, came with a brick and hit the dog on the head. A stream of blood started flowing from the head of the innocent. He died after suffering for about 15 minutes. After the incident, angry people reached Jackie’s house in protest. At the same time, Jackie’s family members alleged that the dog used to bark. His family also got into fights with the people. Despite a complaint lodged at the police station, the police did not take any action. The police had to take action after the matter went viral on social media.

Tweet to Maneka Gandhi

When no action was taken, some people made the footage of the incident viral on social media on Sunday. Along with the Police Commissioner, Maneka Gandhi, besides the Chief Minister, also tagged the PFA and tweeted. FIAPO and PETA were also tagged. A few hours later, the police swung into action. The Police Commissionerate was also informed about the action being taken by tweeting. Only after this the police arrested Jackie. Along with the Cruelty to Animals Act, several other sections were also imposed on him. However, he was challaned for breach of peace and sent to judicial custody for 14 days.

Earlier the leg was broken by stoning

According to Dharmendra, Jackie had earlier broken the leg of this dog by stoning it. Since then the dog was unable to walk. The local people also told the police about Jackie’s cruelty. The police saw the video footage in which it is clearly visible that Jackie was moving towards the dog with a brick in his hand and hit the brick hard on his head. After that he left from there and entered the street.

According to police commissioner BP Jogdand, Jackie brutally killed a sleeping dog with a brick on his head on October 15, causing anger in the area. The accused was arrested after registering a case under relevant sections. He was later sent to jail.