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Uttarakhand / Mussoorie: Due to expansion of Maisanik Lodge Bus Stand, HO will end the bottle neck, the problem of tourists will end!

Due to expansion of Maisanik Lodge bus stand, bottle neck will end in coming time, taxis will be removed from the road, due to which tourists will not face any problem. On the other hand, along with expansion, 14 shops are being allotted here to provide employment to the unemployed, as per rules, those advocates of the city are also being given chambers who do not have any chambers. The public is appreciating this initiative of the municipality. Giving detailed information about Maisanil Lodge expansion, Municipal President Anuj Gupta told reporters that while bottle neck will end with its expansion, tourists will not face any problem in the coming time.

That’s where the taxis will go behind. He said that at the same time the old shops, taxi union office, guide union office, which are being removed at the bus stand, will be made separately, while the bus ticket house will also be removed and modernized and a grand waiting room will also be built in which all facilities are available. Will be Municipal President Anuj Gupta said that as far as some people are raising questions on its self test, while its self test has been done by a recognized agency of the state government, because the self test never fails, the structure is made accordingly. At the same time, 14 shops are being given to the unemployed and those whose shops are broken due to encroachment, while chambers are also being made for the advocates. Whereas it was not possible to make parking on the floor below the parking lot, there houses have been built according to the rules of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, which are being given to the homeless poor of the city. He said that a mass movement will be launched against those who are opposing it unnecessarily, who are not digesting the development. The work of the municipality is to provide employment, make parking and create vendor zones. Under this, the municipality is working and the public is happy with these works.

He said on the shops built on Kinkreg that the shops which were coming on the road side have been removed. The rest of the shops will soon be allotted under the vendor zone keeping in mind the government rules. He also said that some people are misleading the government by opposing this, while SDM Naresh Chandra Durgapal has been given a letter to build a shop. At the same time, it has been agreed in the meeting of the Chief Secretary. Joint committee inspects it and decides in which vendor zone has been created. He said that these are not illegal shops, the municipality is free for development and is making shops on its own land and these will be allotted under the Prime Minister’s Vendor Zone Policy. If even after this some protesting people oppose it, then they will go among the public against such anti-development people.