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Uttar Pradesh / Pilibhit : While watching the mobile, he was crossing the road, the car was blown up by the young man, the video of the accident was captured in CCTV

An example of how a small negligence can take a toll on life was seen in Bisalpur area on Saturday. While watching the mobile, a young man crossing the road was blown up by a speeding car. The impact of the car was so severe that the young man was seriously injured. He was taken to the hospital for treatment, where he died. This tragic incident was captured in the CCTV camera. The 17-second broadcast video (Viral Vedio) has the complete incident. Police is looking for the absconding car driver based on the video.

The young man was returning from his sister’s house late at night

Irshad alias Kullu, a resident of Mohalla Gyaspur of Bisalpur, was returning home on foot wearing rice from his sister’s place, living in Mohalla Habibullah Khan Junubi, late on Saturday night. He was operating a mobile at around 12 o’clock in the night while crossing the Bisalpur Shahjahanpur road near the Idgah intersection. Then a speeding car coming from behind hit him hard.

Event caught on CCTV camera

The young man was seriously injured in the horrific collision of the car. The entire incident was captured in the CCTV camera installed at the intersection. It was reported at the house of the injured Irshad. After which the relatives who reached the spot hurriedly took him to Bareilly and admitted him to the private hospital, where Irshad died during treatment. On the basis of the CCTV footage, the police has started a search for the driver of the car.