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Uttarakhand : Why did CM Dhami become emotional after reaching Sagar, and what did he say about the Mahar regiment?

Uttarakhand CM Pushkar Singh Dhami arrived on a tour of Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh. CM Dhami’s childhood has passed in Sagar. His father Sher Singh Mahar was a Subedar in Regiment Sagar. CM studied from class 8th to 10th at DNCB School in Sagar. During this, enthusiasm was seen from the Mahar regiment to the school and their friends. The CM spent some time with Sagar’s Rathore family.

Hard work does not go in vain

During the visit of Mahar Regiment, CM Pushkar Singh Dhami said in the Sainik Conference that I bow to the land of Sagar. Because of which I reached here today. He said that where there is hard work, there is success, so always do hard work with full sincerity and valor. The CM said that the soldier is never the former, the need of the soldier is always for the country. Today, due to his valor, the whole of India is sleeping peacefully. The country is proud of the courage, valor, valor and sacrifice of the army. A new India is being made from the capable, harmonious, powerful India of the army.

CM said, ‘Can never forget the army’

CM Pushkar Singh Dhami said that my childhood in Sagar started with the army. I consider the Mahar regiment as my guardian and the new soldiers as my companions. He said that I did my early education with the salary of the army and I did my higher education with the pension of the army. I can never forget the army. He said that former CDS Late Shri Vipin Rawat was my family guardian. His guidance has always been there for me and my family. Today he is not there, I pay tribute to him. Chief Minister Dhami said that discipline, diligence, honesty are a part of my life and I have received all this from the army of Mahar regiment. He said that soldier’s spirit, soldier’s blood and soldier’s hard work never give up.

Discussion in the world of the might of the Mahar regiment

CM Dhami said that along with our Mahar regiment, there is a discussion all over the world about the valor of the Indian Army. No one can harm Mother India by the hard work of the soldiers. It is because of the soldiers that the whole of India is sleeping peacefully and will continue to take it. Emotional CM Dhami in Chief Minister MRC said that the memory of MRC always remains, I consider MRC as a member of my family. I will always remember the memorable moments of my childhood. All MRC officers are our guardians and soldiers are our companions. I salute all the officers of MRC. Similarly, the ocean will continue to come between you all.

Sagar my first school of politics

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami said that Sagar has been his first school of politics. This is the reason why the memories of childhood came back to the ocean today. My friends remained MLAs and other posts from here through politics. He said that the ocean is actually the ocean. Its heart is like an ocean. Today when I have come to Sagar, I saw that all my childhood friends unitedly received me. He shared his post-retirement experiences with retired Subedar Inderpal Singh and Col PP Sharma. Apart from this, received information about his works while in the army.

Participated in many programs

Chief Minister Dhami paid homage by paying floral tributes to the martyred soldiers at the Martyrs Memorial in Sagar Mahar Regiment. Dhami planted a sapling of mahogany near the martyr memorial. Discussed with ex-servicemen and got information about their experience. Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami reached the museum and got detailed information from Colonel Avinash Acharya about the short film made in relation to the Mahar regiment and the army. He also saw the memories put up in the museum. On this occasion, Lieutenant General C Vanshi Punnapa, Brigadier Navneet Jariyal, Deputy Commandant Umang Kumar Chaudhary, Colonel Avinash Acharya, Major Navtej Singh, and other army officers were present.

CM reached to meet Rathore family

Chief Minister Dhami visited his friend and former MLA Harvansh Singh Rathore’s residence. He has been associated with this family from the beginning. The Rathore family welcomed him with a memento and a shawl shriphal. Here Sagar’s Mayor Sangeeta Tiwari, MP Raj Bahadur Singh, District BJP President Girao Sirothia and many public representatives and their old colleagues met.