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Uttar Pradesh : Seven-month-old dies by stray dogs, horrific incident in Noida’s highrise society

“Dog bite cases are not taking the name of decreasing in Uttar Pradesh. Most of the cases are being reported from highrise societies. In the same sequence, once again, a seven-month-old innocent was mauled to death by stray dogs in Lotus Boulevard Society of Sector 100. The dogs bit the child so badly that his intestines came out. A case has been registered and investigation is underway,” he said.

Rajesh and his wife, originally from Damoh district of Madhya Pradesh, work as labourers. He lives in a rented house in Noida. Along with them, their seven-month-old son Arvind also lived together. The husband and wife had got repair work at Lotus Boulevard Society in Sector 100 these days.

The two also used to bring seven-month-old son Arvind along during work. On Monday, the couple had laid the son lying on a sheet near the site and were working in the society themselves. Then at 4 pm, some stray dogs attacked innocent Arvind. They scratched the baby badly, which also brought out intestines from his stomach.

“When some people in the society saw them, they immediately chased away the dogs and immediately took the child to Yatharth Hospital. But the child died at 12 o’clock in the night during treatment. The incident was reported to the police. The police questioned the child’s parents and then the body was handed over to them. The child’s parents have left for Singrauli in Madhya Pradesh with the body. Let me tell you, there is a house of the child’s maternal uncle in Singrauli.

Feed and feed stray dogs inside the society

On the other hand, the people of the society said that such incidents often happen here. Dog lovers feed stray dogs inside the society. Therefore, the number of stray dogs in the society has also increased significantly. It has also been complained to the Noida Authority several times. But despite this, no action is taken.

The child died at 12 o’clock in the night

A resident of the society said that at 4 pm on Monday, he saw some dogs biting a small child. The child was crying loudly. We immediately reached there and chased away the dogs. But the child was badly injured by then. His intestines had also come out. Immediately his parents were called and we all took the child to Yatharth Hospital. Doctors started treating him. But at 12 o’clock in the night, the child died.

Let me tell you that recently an elderly man was bitten by a dog while he was going for a walk in Noida Sector-168 Lotus Jing Society. After some time, the same dog also bit the gardener. At the same time, a few days ago, two women were bitten and injured by stray dogs in Noida’s Sector-19.