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Bihar / Sheikhpura: Daughter-in-law went to DM with complaint, mother-in-law lost her government job

Differences between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law have become common. There is always a little resentment over small things. When things happen, the matter also becomes quiet. Sometimes two women who look at each other become good friends. In Bihar, a strange case of quarrel between Sans and daughter-in-law has come to the fore. The dispute in the house in Sheikhpura increased so much that the daughter-in-law complained and took her mother-in-law’s job. In fact, the mother-in-law had to lose her government job in the domestic dispute between the mother-in-law. This matter is related to the middle school Kishanpur of Shekhopursarai block of the district. Daughter-in-law Rinku Kumari had applied to the DM and accused her mother-in-law Urmila Kumari of doing the job of a teacher in a fake manner.

The DM got the investigation done, the daughter-in-law that the complaint turned out to be true

In view of the seriousness of the matter, the District Magistrate of Sheikhpura got it investigated from his level. When the matter was ascertained, the complaint made against the mother-in-law of the daughter-in-law turned out to be true. In such a situation, when the dispute inside the house reached the administration, the mother-in-law had to lose her government job.

Cancellation order

Regarding the matter, Education Department’s Establishment DPO Arun Kumar said that mother-in-law Urmila Kumari has passed Inter in the session 1984-86 and in the meantime has also done teacher training in the session 1985-87. After finding the allegations true in the investigation, the Block Development Officer, the secretary of the planning unit, has been ordered to cancel the employment of Urmila Kumari. It is said that there was often a dispute in the house between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law over some matters. When the daughter-in-law came to know about the fraud of her mother-in-law, she thought of teaching a lesson. Now Urmila Kumari’s government job is gone.