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Uttarakhand : Congress on the intention of going to the temple, ask the intention of your leader, the comment on the Congressmen was not my personal opinion – Dushyant Gautam

BJP’s state in-charge Dushyant Gautam has urged the Congress to inquire about the intention of its leader on the intention of going to the temple. Gautam said that in the past he had commented on the statement and thinking of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, but did not have a personal opinion. He said that it would be better that the Congressmen should ask their leader the answer for what purpose they go to the temple? Responding to the questions of journalists at the party’s state headquarters, Dushyant Gautam said that he had quoted Rahul Gandhi’s statement in which he had told the temple goers to molest girls.

Expressing surprise at the protest, he said that his routine and lifestyle is Sanatan. We firmly believe that people go to the temple with holy thoughts. He should tell Rahul Gandhi that he does not go to the temple for wrong purposes, he only suspects that people go to the temple to molest girls. He said that those who do not believe in Lord Rama, do not know his place of birth, do not speak imaginary to Ram Setu, do not give an affidavit in the court, it is meaningless to expect them to have knowledge of the sanctity of the temple.