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Kharge’s first press conference after being elected Congress President

Mallikarjun Kharge held a press conference in the evening on being elected to the post of Congress President. During this, he said that in the history of 75 years of independence, Congress has continuously strengthened the democracy of this country. Today when democracy is in danger and agencies are being misused by the government. Then the Congress has given the example of strengthening democracy by conducting elections for the post of President. He also thanked all the party workers and Madhusudan Mistry for the successful conduct of the election for the post of Congress President.

During the press conference, he also wished Shashi Tharoor. He said that we stood as a representative in the election. In such a situation, both of us met after the election and discussed how to take the party forward. Apart from this, he also expressed his gratitude towards Sonia Gandhi. He said that for 23 years, Sonia Gandhi has strengthened the party with blood and sweat. Under his leadership, we formed the government at the Center and in the state. His work will be remembered for a long time in the history of Congress.

Kharge said that today inflation is increasing in the country. He said that the gap between rich and poor is increasing in the country. In this regard, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi has decided to travel between Kashmir and Kanyakumari. Today the whole country is joining his struggle. I appeal to the Congressmen and the people of the country that you all walk shoulder to shoulder with Rahul Gandhi. Kharge said that we all have to work as workers. We will all work together. Apart from this, we will also fight together to save democracy. During this, he also attacked the central government. He said that the government sitting in Delhi makes a lot of promises, but does not work. He said that the country cannot be run with a dictatorial attitude. In such a situation, we all have to fight together against these forces.

Kharge said that work will be done at the booth level to strengthen the party. For this, the opinion of all party workers and leaders will be taken. Apart from this, he also thanked the representatives of Congress for being made the President and said that I will stand on your expectations.