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There is destruction in the world! Know this prediction of Nostradamus before the end of the year

Born in France, Nostradamus wrote 12 centuries i.e. 1200 quadruplets in his famous book. According to European media reports, only 955 of them are in existence now. Through these 1200 Chatushpadis, he wrote a total of 3000 predictions. The history and statistics of the last 50 years testify that by 2021, about 800 of his predictions have come true in full or in part. Let us tell you that the predictions of the time period up to the year 3997 are recorded in the Centuries of Nostradamus.

What will happen in 2022?

2022 is almost reaching its final stage. Nostradamus has told in his prediction that in the year 2022, a nuclear bomb will explode in the world, due to which the condition of the earth will change and the situation of climate change will have to be faced. As a result of China’s increasing tension with Taiwan and the Russo-Ukraine war, if this prediction of Nostradamus may prove to be true, people are discussing this prediction with fear.

Peace after devastation

Nostradamus has also told that in 2022, there will be a great devastation first, then peace will come. During this it will be dark for 3 days. Apart from this, Artificial Intelligence will take control of humans this year. That is, humans will be harmed by robots.

Effect of inflation

Nostradamus had told that in the year 2022, inflation will be out of control and the US currency will fall rapidly. This year people will increase investment in gold, silver and new currency. It is worth noting that now a lot of investment is being done continuously in the form of bitcoin.

Earth damage from asteroid

Earth will be harmed by asteroid. A big rock will fall in the sea, due to which a lot of damage will be visible on the earth. In 2022, there are continuous reports of the danger of asteroid and its coming out from near the earth. Therefore, before the end of the year, this prediction is also being discussed fiercely.

What did Nostradamus write about himself?

Let us also tell you what Nostradamus wrote about himself during his lifetime. Nostradamus said about his predictions that whatever I am saying or writing, time will tell whether I was right. He wrote in his book, ‘I have written this knowledge receiving divine inspiration. The world is going to face many tragedies in the next hundreds of years. I have explained the place and time in these prophecies by means of signs.