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Modi reached among the soldiers, said – if someone takes a look, the army will answer in the same language, we always considered war as the last option

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is once again celebrating his Diwali with soldiers on the border. Modi, who arrived among the soldiers in Kargil, met the soldiers and then addressed them. In his address, PM Modi said, ‘You all have been my family for many years. The sweetness and brightness of my Diwali is among you guys. I am repeatedly drawn among the brave sons and daughters – my family is all of you. The light of Diwali is among you. There has never been a war with Pakistan where Kargil has not hoisted the flag of victory. There has never been a war with Pakistan where Kargil has not hoisted the victory flag.

PM Modi said, ‘When India’s strength increases, so does the possibility of global peace and prosperity. ‘Self-reliant India’ is very important for the security of the nation; Our dependence on foreign weapons and systems should be minimal. Reforms were needed for decades in the armed forces, which are now being implemented. Inclusion of women in the armed forces will increase our strength.

India always considered war as the last option

The Prime Minister said, India wishes that this festival of light paves the way for peace for the world. A nation is safe when the borders are secure, the economy is strong and the society is full of confidence….we never consider war as the first but the last option; We believe in peace, but peace is not possible without strength. We have always considered war as the last option but if someone takes a look, the army will respond in the same language.” He said, “Mere Veer Saath Jabaaz Naujawan – where else can I have a better Diwali than this. Your fireworks are different, your bangs are different too – a saga of bravery India celebrates its festivals with love – celebrates by involving the whole world. Greetings of Diwali to all the countrymen and entire Kishwa from Vijay Bhoomi of Kargil. In Kargil, the army crushed the cloak of terror and there was such a Diwali gem in the country that people still remember it.

Kargil war mentioned

Referring to the Kargil war, PM Modi said, ‘When our jawans were giving a befitting reply to the enemy in the Kargil war, then I got the nature of meeting with them. My duty path brought me to the land of Ran – we were just earning merit, God does devotion but that moment was of patriotism. You had to worship. There is a hymn of victory in all the four directions, every heart was called upon to be devoted, I want to give the land of the country something more to you. When we say India, the legacy of bravery rises in front of us. In the past there were infinite flames – but this cultural aspect of India’s existence is still unbroken today. Dras Batalik This Tiger Hill is a witness that even the enemy becomes a dwarf in front of the bravery of the Indian Army.