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Uttar Pradesh : SP MP said – The atmosphere of the country will deteriorate due to the photo of Ganesh-Lakshmi on the notes

SP MP of the district Shafiqur Rahman Burke gave his reaction on the punishment of Azam Khan in the inflammatory speech case. He said that Azam Khan is being exploited. The SP MP surrounded the government and also raised a question mark on the order of the court. The SP MP said that whatever is happening is happening at the behest of the deal, that is the order. However, the SP MP did not openly take anyone’s name. But it is believed that his direct gesture was on the government. MP Shafiqur Rahman Burke also gave his reaction on the statement of putting photos of Lakshmi and Ganesh ji on Indian notes during this period.

SP MP Shafiqur Rahman Burke said that every country has neither a coin nor a note. It was the era of Congress, then there was a picture of Gandhiji on the note. Now is the era of BJP, even then there is a picture of Gandhi. Kejriwal wants to divide the country by doing such an act. According to them, the note will remain of Hindu religion only.

There is no mention in the law made by Dr. Ambedkar in the country. Put a picture, all this is being done to spoil the condition of the country. If the picture of Lakshmi or Ganesh ji comes on the note, then it will be considered that now the country belongs to Hindus only. Such things spoil the atmosphere in the country. Brotherhood is in danger. I am not with you in such a matter.

Significantly, on the demand of Arvind Kejriwal for the photo of Lakshmi and Ganesh ji on the Indian note, the MP is feeling the danger of spoiling the atmosphere in the country. At the same time, he has spoken against Kejriwal for the first time. Till now MPs have been speaking in his favor. For the first time, he has raised his objection to Kejriwal’s statement.